7 Signs That You And Your Partner Are S*xually Incompatible

You may be compatible with your partner in several other ways but when it comes to s*x you may suddenly feel that you are not compatible anymore. According to relationship expert s*x is an important aspect of every relationship and it also plays a major role in deepening your relationship. It’s not the only factor that makes your relationship work but a mismatch can also lead to heartbreak.  How do you know for sure that you guys are not s*xually incompatible? Read on to know before it’s too late.

Lack Of Communication

Communication is key to great s*x. And if you don’t indulge with your partner in discussing new positions or how to make s*x better or you don’t feel comfortable talking about it then it is a sure-shot red flag.

Thinking Of The Past

You are constantly thinking about your ex or fantasizing about others while you are making love with your partner then incompatibility is definitely written on the wall.

Yay Or Nay

You like specific positions in bed and want to stick to it, but he disagrees with you. Or when he wants you to try new positions but you feel uncomfortable doing it. And you fail to find a middle ground then you should definitely try to get things back in control before it’s too late.

Avoiding S*x

Do you avoid having s*x with your partner? Or do you find yourself making excuses? And you are just doing it because he wants, then you should definitely step out of that relationship.

You Make Up Excuses To Stay Up Late To Avoid S*x

Do you find yourself making excuses to stay up late at night or making excuses for some pending office work just to avoid having s*’x with your partner?  Then, darling, you should definitely try to spice your s*x life up or you are going to lose your partner.

You And Your Partner Feel Uncomfortable While Se’x Scenes Play On TV

Often when partners are not compatible in bed they tend to look away from each other when some passionate lovemaking scenes plays on TV. You should feel comfortable discussing different se’x positions with your partner and if you are not then it’s high time to realize that he is not the one.

You Are No More Excited For S*x

If you think s*x has just become a daily routine of your life and you do not feel excited about it anymore and you are just doing it only for your partner. Then you should definitely give your relationship a second thought.