So you finally got asked out by that guy you’ve secretly been eyeing for the last few months. And you couldn’t be more excited. You got your hair and nails done. Even went out shopping and bought that dazzling dress for the D-day. There is that giddy feeling in the pit of your stomach. It’s your first date. This could be the start of something new, something great. You can’t help but feel butterflies. But you never know. It might turn out to be the worst night ever. Here’s how to know that that first date with him should be the last one.

1. Not turning up well groomed

Sure, appearances can be deceiving. But if he did not put any effort in dressing-up and grooming his hair to meet you for the first time, he is never going to put any effort into your prospective relationship.

2. Acting indifferent around you

When you’re on your date and you realize you are the only one who is excited about it, can be a real turn-off. Ladies, if that guy is acting as if he couldn’t care less about you and this date, it’s time to take-off and never look back.

3. Going on and on about his ex

Getting out of a relationship and moving on to another is hard and often time-taking. But one mustn’t go out with someone if one is still not over their past relationship. If that guy cannot stop talking about his ex-girlfriend, then what he needs is more time to get over her. Not a new relationship.

4. Unable to take his eye-off his phone

In this era of technology, we all are slaves to our phones. But if on your date, he is constantly on his phone, making and receiving calls, texting and just can’t seem to hold eye-contact for more than 5 minutes, then you should start thinking whether this date is worth it or not.

5. Orders on your behalf

We all like a man who sometimes takes charge. But there is a fine line between being chivalrous and being downright inconsiderate. It’s fine until he holds the door for you and asks what you want to eat. But if he goes one step ahead by ordering food on your behalf without even asking for your preferences, then he is just being a jerk.

6. A speaker, not a listener

You are on your date and are having a great conversation. It all feels nice until you start noticing that he is the only one talking. And you are the one listening. Not only that,he constantly talks about himself. And he doesn’t seem interested in knowing anything about you.

7. Makes you pay

I know it’s 2018. But chivalry is not dead. The man paying for the date is still in. Ladies, he makes you pay for your date, make sure you make him pay for it literally and metaphorically, by not going out with him again.

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