7 ways for fresh looking eyes without makeup!

Eyes are not only the window to your soul but to your age as well. They play a key role to make your face look young, beautiful and attractive. While dull eyes make you look old and exhausted (which none desires for), fresh and brightened eyes up can do wonders to your beauty game. Eye area is extremely sensitive and most make-up products are loaded with chemicals, thus, excess use of make-up is a strict no. Moreover, why go for make-up’s temporary results when you can actually get fresh eyes at home with the following tips sans make-up!

– Apply basic facial cream on eyelids. This will keep them moisturized. However, prevent the cream from entering your eyes.

– Splash your eyes with cold water at least twice a day. It keeps them cool and clean.

– Green tea is miraculous in many ways. And, unsurprisingly, it can do wonders to your eyes as well. Just place cold tea bags under each eye and rest for 10 mins. It will help in tightening of the skin.

– Sleep deprivation acts as a foe for our eyes. Thus, make sure you get enough rest and sleep for at least eight hours. Sufficient amount of sleep keeps the eyes glowing and prevents from making you look dreary and dull.

– Drinking water and taking a healthy diet comprising of fruits and vegetables goes without eyes. It is beneficial not only for your skin but overall health as well.

– Keep your brows groomed. Well-shaped brows give a ‘face lift’ to your face. Now you know, why your face looks so fresh and better after an eyebrow grooming session.

– You can brush up a bit of petroleum jelly against the lashes for a glamorous touch.

Curling up your lashes can further give a lift to your overall face. Whether you are applying make-up or not, curling up your lashes will make your eyes look larger and more awake/

– Pamper your eye area with basic home remedies like relaxing with chilled cucumber slices on, using rose water and applying a good eye cream.

These very basic tips are surely gonna oomph up your eye game!


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