8 crazy thoughts every groom has on his wedding day!

The wedding day is quite like a roller coaster ride for the couple. A turmoil of emotions runs inside them. Excitement, nervousness, joy, sadness – all at the same time. While brides’ emotions are evident, men are usually shown in the chauvinist aperture. But this doesn’t change the fact that men also go through a roller coaster of emotions on their D-day. And here we bring to you 8 insane thoughts most of the grooms have before their wedding vows.

Here we go!


Yes, are as much excited of getting married as women. They may hide it behind their calm composure but everyone can see it.

Don’t. Cry.

Even the manliest guy can get choked at the time of marriage. He may cry his heart out in a bathroom before his marriage vows, but not in the marriage.

– I should pee.

Maybe I should pee again just to see if there‘s anything left. It’s very important that he doesn’t pee or poop his pants while he’s up there. That could be embarrassing.

– Is this what cold feet feel like?

In nervousness, we all do things that could be annoying. Whether it’s nail-biting, shivering, shaking of legs, and cold feet. All the things are pretty normal.

– Ok, just one more drink to calm the nerves.

This is fine to think after the first drink. It’s not as fine to think after the fourth, and hopefully someone is stepping in by the 9th.

– What if she doesn’t show up?

What if she gets kidnapped? Surely it’s a nightmare for both men and women. If the other person doesn’t appear then it would be embarrassing to both the families.

– I should drink and pee more

This just becomes a vicious circle of drinking to stay calm and peeing to make sure they won’t need to during the ceremony.

 – I should rewrite my vows right now.

It’s the sign of freaking out. This shouldn’t be done 30 minutes before marriage E.verything is correct it’s just your mind that’s not in its correct place.

Now even you can see the roller coaster of emotions in men.


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