8 Foods And Vitamins That Will Give Your Hair A Nourishment Boost

We all suffer from some hair issues. What is your problematic hair issue? Color touch-ups, or blow-drys, what is causing the damage? Lack of nutrition in our body causes hair problem and we often run after expensive treatments to solve it. Don’t worry, we got simple solutions that are waiting in your kitchen to fix your hair problem. Here are some.

1. Vitamin C
One of the causes of damaged hair is the lack of supply of oxygen to the roots. Vitamin C solves this problem. It is rich in collagen that provides healthy hair and fixes greasy roots. You can find Vitamin rich foods in your kitchen shelf and these include Amla, Lemon, Potato, Guava, and Orange.

2. Biotin
Suffering from thin hair? Let Biotin do the work. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin B. It makes your hair healthier and thicker with regular use. Biotin deficiency can cause hair loss (alopecia), depression, lethargy and much more severe problems. You can intake biotin through peanuts, almonds, egg yolk, mushrooms, etc.

3. Vitamin A
Carrots, sweet potato, Spinach, Broccoli, Butter, etc hold a great amount of Vitamin A which is very essential for your hair. It is important to add the right amount of Vitamin A in your diet chart. It helps in cell growth and benefits your hair, too. What are you waiting for? Grab these items off your kitchen shelf.

4. Omega 3
These fatty acids are well known for the renewal of hair and promoting growth. Dryness in your hair is caused by deficiency of Omega 3 in your body. If you are suffering from dandruff, then it is a must to add Omega 3 in the plates. It is a great supplement that most doctors recommend. You may need to buy some items like Chia seeds, Flax seeds from the market. You can easily find walnuts in your refrigerator. Have 2-3 walnuts with some fruits before breakfast to promote hair growth faster.

5. Zinc
It is not only beneficial for the overall health but also for the hair. People who have dry, flaky scalp can totally rely on this remedy. Spinach, Flax seeds, garlic, and peanuts contain good amount of zinc in them.


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