8 Nail-Biting Psychological Thrillers On Netflix That Will Give You Chills

A substantial psychological thriller movie must contain elements of mystery and an unpredictable plot. It may vary from mental illness to crime and substance abuse to morality. Here is a list of the top 8 psychological thriller movies you should watch now on Netflix!

Split (2016)

Can you believe a man with nine different personalities? A young professor abducts three girls and applies his cynical experiments on them. The climax, where he demonstrates all his traits, makes it a worth watching experience.

Clinical (2017)

When a psychiatrist with PTSD and sleep paralysis meets a new patient with a terrifying history, strange things start happening in her house. Vinessa Shaw, the psychiatrist, discovers her haunting trauma.

The Vanished (2020)

A couple starts an investigation when their daughter disappears from a campsite. The plot is unexpectedly twisty, especially when a relative confirms that the girl died six years before. What’s the truth? You have to watch the climax for conclusions.

The Call (2020)

The Korean psychological thriller revolves around two women from different times. A series of phone calls connect them, and they try to reshape their realities. But fate has something different for them.

The Occupant (2020)

Unemployment leads a former executive to sell his home. He moves to a rental unit but still wants his house back. When he finds that he still has the keys, he becomes obsessed with the new occupants to get the house back at any cost.

Intrusion (2021)

A home invasion changes the life of a couple who moved from Boston to a small town. The incident makes the wife traumatized and suspicious about the people around her. The relationship drama turns into a psychological thriller as the movie progresses.

The Perfection (2018)

The American psychological thriller film is about two friends, Charlotte and Lizzie, who unite after a long gap. Charlotte left the music school to take care of her ailing mother. But things have become highly suspicious in the years of her absence.

Circle (2015)

Fifty strangers find themselves trapped in a darkened room. They have no memory of how they came here. Later they discover that each one has to choose one among them who deserves to live.