8 secret questions men are dying to ask women but are afraid to

We have always been taught to ask questions and resolve our queries. We have been taught not keep anything inside us and just say or ask whatever bothers us. But sometimes, we have a fear about judgment. We fear that if we ask this, the other person will judge us. Similar to this happens when men are dying to ask questions about s*x in past relationship but they just don’t due to the fear. In a new relationship, men are often scared of saying something inappropriate and crossing that line due to lack of familiarity with the other person.

They try to be as gentle they can be and not offend the women. But there are some questions that are needed to be answered no matter what. We bring to you 8 such questions that men are secretly dying to ask but are afraid to. Read on:

1) How Often Do You Pleasure Yourself?
2) How Many Men Did You Get Int*mate With?
3) Which Spots On Your Body Turn You On?

4) Can I Wake You Up In The Middle Of The Night To Make Love To You?
5) When You See Some Guy With A Wedding Ring Do You Avoid Flirting With Him?
6) Should I Go After The Girl Who Stood Me Up Twice?

7) Should A Man Tell A Girl If He Is A Virgin Or Not
8) Women Get Attracted To Abs Or Arms More?

What is your take to this? Being a man will you ask these questions from her?  And being a woman will you feel comfortable sharing the answers of these to your man?



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