8 things you can do to kick off the first weekend of 2018 the right way!

New Year started off with Monday leaving no reason for us to procrastinate to do what we plan to do. Yes, it was 1st and Monday both. But the week went away in a jiffy. And now it’s time for the weekend. The first week of every new year has lots of first this and that. For example, people having lunch on 1st January, posted a selfie with food with the caption “First lunch of 2018”. So it goes unsaid that since it’s the first weekend of 2018, why not spend it differently than the rest of the weekends.

We have made a list here for you to ponder upon –

1. Try and learn to cook your favourite dish from your favourite cuisine. Go to the nearby store and shop for the ingredients. This way you not only get to eat home cooked food but also learn. And there is no harm in learning something new!

2. Explore your hidden talent. Your hidden talent could be art and crafts, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, photography etc. Turn on the music, and groove to the tunes or take a sheet and pencil and sketch whatever is nearby. You never know what awesome results you can get.

3. Get a knowledge of something unique, something you don’t know. Open youtube and watch videos of new technology, or how movies are made or psychology of criminals and all those topics which are cliché yet different and good to learn.

4. Visit a new place in your city. Even after living in the same city for years, we don’t generally get time to visit new places everytime because of our daily busy schedules. This time, go to a new place and see what’s there.

5. Take a weekend course. Get on the internet and look for short weekend courses such as baking, photography, small workshops etc.

6. Some charity work. Buy food for homeless and listen to their stories. Or take the underprivileged children for a picnic.


7. Planting. Even if you don’t have room, take a box and plant a garden on your own. After a few weeks, you’ll see for yourself how beautiful it grows up to be.

8. Invest some money in share market. Study the ups and downs. There is no harm in spending a few bucks. Imagine if it goes up, how much you’ll earn in return!

These are just a few options you can try. But since it’s so cold, you might as well just end up in a big quilt, binge watching movies and series! However, rejuvenating yourself once in a while is worth the time and the above mentioned points might help you.

If you have some new thoughts, write it down in the comment below!


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