Wedding trends continuously change every year, with inspirations from dresses, fashion, flowers, and decorations. Every wedding is unique, as each couple wants something to incorporate with their personal touches such as the dress, catering, styling, or flowers. To help couples go about their dream wedding, here are some wedding trends to consider in 2020.

Informal and Relaxed

One of the top wedding trends lists is informal ceremonies. Couples may choose to have an intimate wedding ceremony with closest friends and family while inviting plenty and assorted guests are already the past trend. Having an informal and relaxed wedding ceremony can give the couple some savings on their budget. 

Also known as “micro weddings,” the guest list averages with only 40 guests or fewer. The ceremony can be an informal event with either a traditional or modern approach, and sometimes a fusion of both. Some couples would like to take care of all the planning, considering reliable suppliers like Accel Rentals to provide them their needs.

Extravagant Event

Cutting down on the list of guests means you can still have an extravagant ceremony. Couples can have memorable wedding trends that may include fireworks and smoke flares. They can even use giant balloons and large centerpieces that would turn the heads of their gusts.

The Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses that have pockets are one of the fashion trends for wedding events in 2020. The pockets are essential components of wedding dresses today where brides can store their mobile phones, lipstick, and tissue. According to statistics, wedding dresses with pockets have an 83% increase for this year.

Eco Weddings

Today, many people are becoming eco-conscious, and couples are considering holding the ceremony responsibly. Part of the wedding plans is cutting back on unwanted wastes, which is one way of being eco-friendly. There are wedding venues that are converting to be sustainable and greener, providing in-house catering using locally sourced produce. Couples who prefer this type of wedding trend may commit to a zero-waste event, which would also mean a plastic-free celebration.

Big Florals

Flower displays make wedding ceremonies unique by providing great aesthetics for the whole event. Couples may consider their nearest independent florist as their supplier. They add their personal touches such as different shapes and textures, bold statement colors, and strong scents. Ideas like frozen flowers in ice-cubes and floral hair weaves can add life to the celebration.

Creative Lighting

Creative lighting sets up the mood for any wedding ceremonies, one of the top wedding trends for 2020. There are many ways to integrate lighting creatively, such as mini lampshades, exposed bulbs, candles outdoors, and classic chandeliers, that can provide an intimate or lively celebration.


Wedding photography is already a standard component of a wedding ceremony, but adding videography services can make your wedding day extra special. It is a great way to capture the whole wedding event with great angles and perspectives. Videographers are becoming more creative with their stunning shots using drones to capture the venue from above and group photos of all attendees.

Foods and Drinks

Wedding planners and couples go through a lot of preparation for a unique and memorable wedding ceremony. Foods and drinks can also define the celebration’s success, where guests can enjoy signature cocktails exclusive from the bride and groom, desserts, and canapés. Drinking and dining trends change overtime where wines and champagnes are becoming less and increasing with cocktails and gin bars.

Create Your Event

These wedding trends for 2020 create a good reference for you, and you should do things with your personal choices to complete your style. Ensure that the wedding celebration goes your way and helps you create beautiful memories with your partner.