#8267: Is Over-possessiveness in Any Relationship Okay?

I was in a relationship n my bf asked me for screenshots of every call I made…screenshot of my whtsapp status seen. He nver believed my words…but he claimed that i m love of his life… I dont hve any male frnds i told him everything about me in beginning of relationship i told him i wasn’t a virgin he made me feel pathetic i cried whole night next day he called me n said he is sorry he reacted coz he is virgin.. But aftr that he said me words like tum bigdi ho i nvr got a girl who is pure blah blah..then he was sorry again… I wasnt allowed to be online once i said good nite…kunki nxt day explanation dena hota..mai whtsaapp dp nhi remove kar sakti kyunki usko lgta kisi aur ko dikha ri…he download my Instagram chts history to confirm ki khin maine kisi se baat toh nhi ki when he was asleep n then del the chat..he nvr trusted me…he abuse my school mates who just messaged me hii… He made me cry every day… Unfriend people from my account… Btw he said stuffs like you are whore..n you will get laid with anyone to make me jealous… N the reason he always gave was that ki ex cheated on him so he got trust issues.. There was a time when i started getting scared of him…he harm himself when he got angry like cut himself… Last tym when we talked he said to me no one ever gonna love you when they know you had physical relationship.. There is a lot to tell but all i wanna know is was i really wrong? I nvr even think of cheating him? What was my fault?that i wasn’t a virgin? Can you love someone without trusting them? Do people judge whom they love?