#8299: I still cant belive he has changed this much…..

Its been about to be two years i am in relationship. First one year everything was perfect .he did love me, care for me, gave me time everything.he introduced me to his friends his sister . But now ,everything is fading its been 6-7 months. We fight more,argue, he always stayed busy . He said he has no Time.but thing. Used to b good bcz we both were busy in our college life.but since lockdown…again thing started falling apart.he rarely call me , if we have any issues in our relationship nd i am worried about it ,he cuts my call …he says its useless thing .arguments raised day by day because of time issue .all day he can online talk to his friends but he cant call me .if i do he says he is busy. Now its a time we dont talk for days usually.he get hyper if i tell him somthing ,if i ask him anything . He say me not to interrupt in his life .he blame me for evrything in his life .evn when i wantto talk about our relationship with calmness he deny to talk nd say he has no time for useless thing. He don’t want me to call him,text him . He does it itself when he wants to.he says he cant do anything in his life till i ‘ll be with him. He says he could have achieved somthing in his career if i was not a part of his life .he says he feels regret for being in a relationship with me. He dont call me for days and tell me not to call him. he dont want to talk about our problem in relationship .when he cime back nd whenever i want to knw the reason of these thing he deny to talk .he says he dont feel energy while talking to me and he cant give me time . If i get mad at him or want to make him understand the flow of our relationship he takes it lightly and laugh. Nd tell me not to worry about it . I dont knw what to do .things has changed a lot .and how much i try to fix it get worse . After days he get normal nd come to me .but i want to clear these isues but he dont want .i am stucked. I need some suggestion. I still cant belive he has changed this much .


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