Hi guys I’m an MBA student currently doing my first year and I don’t want to reveal my name . I’m from Chennai and I have been in a relationship with a girl for almost three years now . She is a Kerala girl and 3 years younger to me and currently she is staying in Bangalore and doing her studies.

She is a very sweet and caring girl . At first we were only frnds and talked with eachother . She had been facing many problems in her past like child abuse and all and had gone through a lot so she told me everything and I was like I should support her and like be there for her as she was continuously thinking about ending her life . I used to always talk with her and listen to her and eventually after 2 months of our chatting she proposed to me and i said we dont know each other and how can we love . She said let’s exchange numbers and talk . Then after that she proposed me again to which i said no but she said if u are not with me then I’ll suicide so i got worried for her and said ok i also love you and we talked again and this was going on and then one day on her bday i said i can’t take this anymore and said we should breakup as i never loved her . I was there for her as a friend . That day she took sleeping pills and tried to suicide . I got to know about this from his brother so i went to Bangalore and see and scolded her but she was like if u don’t love me then I’ll commit suicide again . Then i said k and this has been going on since then i dont know what to do . How to convince her and all say this that i dont love her . Now she has started talking about me to her parents and i dont know what to do . Pls help me. nowdays she is talking about our marriage .. which i dont want so i avoided it by saying that i dont wanna marry anyone in my life as my parents are not happy in their relationship and i dont wanna spoil a girl’s life as i know I’m not that good of a person to which she said it’s ok don’t marry me let’s live together and all . I don’t know what to do due to talking with her I’m not able to talk with any other girl as there is kind of guilt that how can i talk to other girls and my friend also doesn’t like me talking to others girls . Lately this has been affecting my studies also. I dont know what to do pls give some suggestions .