Hello friends.! Am in relationship from last 8 years with a girl to whom I love alot and she loves me too! We hd spent many gud times and bad times together faced lot of prblms during studies,job,family issues and many more things that hpn in a relationship.! I did a mistake 3 years back I cheated on her but I never wanted to do that. The time I was cheating her I felt bad many times while talking with other girl. But I never was in a physical relationship! I talked and I met but I realized m doing wrong and my mistake came out ! I hurted my love but we sorted out and I asked her for a chance to prove myself. After lot of efforts she gave me! She also knew I love her alot and I do lot of things for her all the time but I did a mistake that I never wanted to do.! I never wanted to see her in pain. I want to do alot for her to make her happy and settle together permanently. Now few years back I started kicking out all my mistakes all those things which can create prblm in my relation. Either they r stranger or frnds..either she is a girl or a boy! I removed everyone to secure our relation.! But few years back there was a normal frnd of mine on socialnetworking and we hv eachother contact too. I helped her many times officialy and some of her frnds also talked to me sometimes but there was nothing bad and later I said that girl no msg no call plz no frnds now bcz am in a relationship nw. But I did a mistake that I never told my gf abt that! Now two months back I gave my insta id to my gf and incidently that girl msgd three days back a simple ‘Hi’ msg. And my gf asked her who r u.and she told her I was his frnd a normal frnd.. He helped me normally..smtimes we talked bt nthg wrong!! But my gf fighted with her and said lot of things to her bcz she got hurted !! I tried to make her understand that there was nthg wrong I left all of them alrdy.but she saying u didn’t told me.! Firstly that girl told to my gf that he is a gud person…gud frnd..helpful..but when my gf asked her y u msgd here how dare u nd oll. Than that girl started abusing me and my gf and than she also started abusing her!! I talked to that girl and asked her not to say anything wrong u go on ur way .and we are on our own.. Don’t spoil my relation But she started blaming so many wrong things ..that u bf is a bad guy he is not a gud person ..he wanted to meet me and talked to me! Now my Gf is angry with me don’t want to live with me and ending all !! Its the worst time don’t knw what shld I do. I asked that you trust me or other peoples .if anybody will say that ur bf is like this or that u will trust him or her! And some of her frnds are supporting her plz leave ur bf he hurted u and she is crying and getting angry not talking to me! She is involved in my family too. Hv met them Please help me everybody ! I really love her and wan to spend my whole life with her!