List of most expensive divorces in Bollywood

When a Bollywood celebrity couple decides to part their ways, it not only becomes an explicit headline the next day but also burn a big hole in their pockets. Checkout the list of celebrities who went through the most expensive divorces:

1.Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Khan

7 Most Costly Divorces Of Bollywood!

Hrithik and Sussane ended their 14 year long marriage in 2014 and broke the hearts of many fans around the country. BUt you guys will be shocked to know the alimony account Sussane Khan asked for. It was 400 crore!. Yes you heard it right, she demanded 400 crores feom Hrithik at the time of divorce. Allegedly Hrithik negotiated and ended up paying 380 crores in separation!

2.Prabhudeva and Ramlatha

7 Most Costly Divorces Of Bollywood!

Prabhudeva divorced his wife Ramlatha back in 2011. He gave around 20 to 25 crores worth of property, 2 expensive cars and rupees 10 lakhs as one time alimony payment!

3.Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh

People all over the county were shocked when Saif and Amrita got married. the couple stayed together for 12 years and got divorced in 2004. As an alimony, Saif had to pay to Amrita almost half his wealth and a onetime payment of rupees 5 crores!

4.Sanjay Dutt and Rhea Pillai

7 Most Costly Divorces Of Bollywood!

Sanju baba had to pay rupees 8 crores and an expensive car in alimony! The couple parted their ways 1998 when Rhea was spotted dating Leander Paes.

5.Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani

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Farhan Akhtar ended his 16 year long marriage with Adhuna Bhabani in 2017. Farhan not only gave a huge amount in the alimony but also had to part with his Bandstand bungalow ‘Vipassna’. Farhan Akhtar is currently dating Shibani Dhandekar andthe couple migh end up getting married in April 2019.

6.Karishma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapur

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Karishma’s marriage with Sanjay Kapur was a mess from the star and the couple finally got divorced in 2018. Karishma Kapoor got around an amount of 7 crore as alimony and also got Sanjay’s father’s Mumbai bungalow.


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