9 simple tips to make your home safe for toddler

9 simple tips to make your home safe for toddler

Children are born explorer and their explorations begins at home. From the day they start crawling, the first and may be the only concern of parents is to make the home safe for them. Suddenly they begin to agree with their friends with toddler that indeed the best phase of the children’s growing up years is when they are still an infant, living the way you want them to be. Then comes their first step and with that your home can become an accident prone zone for toddlers.

Well…you can’t stop your child from growing or from exploring the world around. What you can really do is to make your home safe enough for their quest and enjoy a peace of mind.

Avert a major accident

Drowning is the most common accident reported among the toddlers. It can easily be prevented. Make your bathroom and especially the bathtub out of the reach. Keep the door of the bathroom bolted so that a kid will not be able to open it. Keep the stopper of the bathtub out of the reach. Also never leave the kid unattended when taking a bath, not even for a minute.


Bandra Residence: modern Bathroom by SM Studio

 Shocking revelation

Toddlers are very curious to know what’s inside the holes on the switchboards. Their little fingers can easily enter into the holes and then the accident will happen. Cover all the switchboards, especially the plug-points that are within the reach of the toddler to avoid the shocking surprise.


The Shah Villa : minimalistic Kitchen by Elevate Lifestyles

 Lock up the bottles

Kitchen becomes the favourite ground of the toddlers since there are many things to explore. So if you have an amazing collection of wines, glass jars or breakable dinner sets, and above all the knifes; keep them all locked behind the doors or away from their reach. Broken glass and knifes will surely harm the toddlers.


classic Kitchen by Davonport

 Electrical appliances

You never know when the explorer of the house will decide to imitate you. So keep the kitchen appliances and electrical gadgets behind the shutters. Make sure that they can’t climb up to reach up to the spots inviting accident.


Kitchen 2: modern Kitchen by home makers interior designers & decorators pvt. ltd.

 Grill up the windows

It has become the norm to have French windows in adult-friendly homes. But with toddlers around you simply can’t have them. Install grills on the windows and replace the glass with wood as the window doors. Now you can have a peaceful nap even when your child is playing near the window.


 Windows & doors by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Raise up the bar

Rise up the balcony walls to the height beyond the reach of the kid. Remember children grow really fast. So keep it up to a sufficient height.


 Terrace by ユミラ建築設計室

Safety near the staircase

Falls are a common cause of hospital visit for the toddlers. If there is a staircase in your home, build a child-proof security gates at both ends. Make it a habit to keep the gates latched to avoid any mishap.


 Stairs by Excelencia en Diseño

A playground at your home

Running and jumping will become a common sport and your living space the playground. Keep minimum decoration in your home. Remove all the breakable items from the room. Even if the child can’t reach there, the ball would. Avoid sharp edge furniture.


NEMI VILLA: modern Living room by INNERSPACE

 The height of the bed

Toddlers will not wait for you to come and pick them up. They will surely climb down and walk up to you once awake. Reduce the height of the bed to avoid the fall. You can also put soft carpets all around the bed to soften the fall if in spite of all the precautions it happens.


Interiorozal- Home Design | Renovation of Home&Office | Office Design: modern Bedroom by InteriorOzal



Still a discretionary warning: No matter how safe you think your home is children will find the loopholes. Keep an eye on them!




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