9 Things you should stop sharing with anyone RIGHT NOW!


Through the years, we all have been taught to share our things with others. Remember the time when our moms used to tell us to share our lunch boxes with our school mates? Well, most of us follow that one principle today. However, what follows the ‘sharing is caring’ thing are infections and other health-related problems.

There are few things which you should never share with your friends and family. People in daily life don’t usually take care of such kind of things and share it with their near and dear ones.

Here are a few things you shouldn’t be sharing with anyone:

  1. Lip balm

Whether its lip balm or lip color, we all share it with our friends. But do you know sharing someone’s lip balm can transfer bacteria through the membranes of your mouth and into your bloodstream?

  1. Trimmer

Boys do share their trimmer with their friends without giving it a second thought. What they don’t know is  that it can transfer the bacteria from another person’s face onto your skin, increasing the risk of acne.

  1. Towel

If you are living with your family then there are times when a family member your towel. Unknowingly, your contaminated towel can transmit the fungal infection to the skin of others.

  1. Earphones

This is one of the most common things which people share with each other, unaware of the fact that earbuds get contaminated by bacteria from the ears which can encourage infection.


  1. Razor

Boys most of the time don’t think much before using someone else’s razor which might lead to infection. This increases the possibility of getting exposed to a serious diseases like skin infections and hepatitis.

  1. Soaps

Never ever use someone else’s soap because it can lead to skin infections. It might result in stomach flu and other serious illnesses.

  1. Toothbrush

There are times when people who are stuck in an awkward situation end up using someone else’s toothbrush. The person might get sick as your mouth bacteria will be transmitted to their mouth.

     8. Earrings

Girls love accessories and they just can’t do with a few pairs. This makes them exchange their earrings with their friends most of the times. They are usually ignorant of the fact that it might transmit blood-borne infection.

  1. Loofah

People may not consider using someone else’s loofah a big deal. But one must surely think before using it as a contaminated loofah can cause infections like acne, nail fungus, and ringworm.


So, from now onwards think before you share anything with anyone because sharing is not always caring.






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