A fan posted p0rn0graphic photo of Hina Khan to support Shilpa! Here’s how Shilpa reacted!

Celebrity fans get so over-the-top with their actions at times, that they end up crossing limits! Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan do not share cordial relation. Ever since the Bigg Boss 11 days, both Shilpa and Hina have been at loggerheads.

Even though Bigg Boss 11 is over but their cold war refuses to end anytime soon. When Shilpa emerged as the winner of BB 11, the diva had said that she will never work with Hina Khan. On the other hand, Hina leaves no stone unturned to demean her. Recently, the divas indulged into a Twitter war when Shilpa shared a pornographic video and Hina slammed her for doing so. Shilpa had tweeted the adult video to prove herself innocent. But Hina and her boyfriend found this act very immature and thrashed her for the same on Twitter. This didn’t please Shilpa, who then took no time to give a befitting reply to both of them.


That’s when we thought that the war was over! But we were wrong – their fans continued the war.

One of Shilpa’s fans turned the scene uglier when she posted pornographic images (supposedly morphed images) of Hina Khan and wrote hateful comments about her.

As soon as Shilpa came across this tweet, she urged her to delete the tweet. Shilpa further requested not to defame Hina and asked her to remove the content if she was a true Shilpa supporter.

Not just Shilpa, her brother also asked the user to take off that particular tweet.

Such a shameful act from a woman is absolutely unacceptable! But we are glad Shilpa took a stand against this act. What do you think? Share you views in the comments section.


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