A Mysterious Murder in ‘November story’

By Shivani Ujjainwal

The Tamil web series ‘November story’ is just around the corner. The series features Tamanna Bhatia in the lead role. The seven-episode series follows the events that unfold in the aftermath of a murder in the series.

Tamanna Bhatia’s ‘November Story ‘received a thundering response from the audience. November Story is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

The new Tamil web series November story directed by Indhra Subramanian. This series is about a girl named Anuradha (Tamanna Bhatia) goes to extreme lengths to save her father, who is the suspect in a murder mystery. But it creates little justice to the story. The series shows you how Anuradha’s life is ridden with problems. She is an ethical hacker but there is a problem at work with someone hacking into the systems.

A crime story writer, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is accused of cold-blooded murder his daughter’s role played by Tamanna Bhatia, takes it upon herself to prove her father’s innocence.

In a statement, the actor of the series had promised that the November story will keep the audience on the edge of their seats and hooked them till the end as the mystery around the murder is revealed. 

In this series, Anuradha (Tamanna) is a house owner but there is an issue with the house that she would like to sell but buyers are not much interested. Her father is a famous crime novelist who is losing his memory every day who talks with himself and also with a chair. In this series, Anuradha’s character tells  how a daughter makes efforts for her father’s problem and tries to get rid of it.

Anuradha faces many troubles at every step. Later in this series, she understands that there is a connection between them. Does she solve her problems? Anuradha has a lot of problems in this web series. So we must watch it. In this series, we will see Anuradha going through a lot of troubles. Will she be able to overcome these troubles? To know this, we will have to watch the series.

Director Indhra Subramanian, said “November story has been a dream project for me.”