‘A PR Stunt’: Daljeet Kaur’s Friend On Shalin Bhanot’s Entry In BB 16!

With the return of Bigg Boss 16, there are numerous stories floating about the participants. One of the contestants this season, Shalin Bhanot is grabbing a lot of limelight. Bhanot comes with a controversy attached to him. He was accused by his ex-wife Daljeet Kaur of cheating, abusing and strangling her for dowry.

Now that his fanclubs are trying their best to whitewash his image of an abuser, woman beater and a cheater, a friend of Kaur has broken silence on the same. He talked about how Daljeet is handling all this.

According to Daljeet’s friend, Shalin’s participation in the show seems to be a strategy to clear up image. “It’s sad these talks are resurfacing now when it did not all the years. It’s very clear that it’s a PR stint on his end to clear an image of him that has never left him but what’s sad is that Dalljiet and her son get dragged into this which isn’t right.

“She is human and of course, she will get affected, all the more because she has a son to answer to alongside but she has been a strong lady always and has fiercely guarded herself and her family while at it she also feels maintaining a dignified silence is and has always been the best thing to do and will continue doing so.”

“She is busy with her shoot currently and has been keeping busy with her work commitments and her little one and she is absolutely enjoying this phase of her life.”

Over the last few years, Shalin and Daljeet have become cordial with each other. In fact, Shalin revealed that before entering the glass-walled house, his last call was with Daljeet. He also said that she wished him luck for this new venture.

Shalin Bhanot and Daljeet Kaur first met on the set of the serial ‘Kulvadhu’. They dated for a brief period before tying knot in 2009. Their relationship hit a rough patch soon after. The duo has a son named Jaydon together. In 2015, they parted ways on a bitter note.

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