A Sister: From a secret keeper to the eternal blessing in everyone’s life, more than a sibling

She is your secret keeper; she is your ideal counselor, she is your knight in the shining armor as we all say it Sisters before misters. Born and had upbringing in the same house, but in a different way.

Where once there was a time you usually indulge in huge fights, where steeling each other clothes was same like bringing a huge catfight in the house. Denying each others of being sisters in public, though caring secretly for each other. This is what sisters are for. Someone has truly said that sisters before misters and we all agree with the same.

If you are stressed and need someone to talk to believe me, sisters are the one who give best advises in life, they will be funny and important. Most people in our lives come and go. But sisters are among the few, who are constantly around. A sister can be brutally truthful, unlike friends who might give you advice as you wish to hear. Your sister might just know you better than you know yourself! While parents are people you can count on, there are times when you feel more secure with your siblings.

Your sister is a go-to person who understands your hidden code language to avoid secrets being split out to others. She knows you better than anyone else, and whenever you make excuses, she can easily know you are lying by just looking at you.”

Who is that one person who already knows all about you, and wants only the best for you? Your sister! She will not only do all the above-listed things for you, but also share life hacks about things she has experienced, and that can help you solve your own problems of any kind.

No wonder having a sister is a boon. “Who else will provide the right advice and help? With whom you will fight whose close you will steal for the party. Believe me with her you can share the darkest secret and the happiest memories of your eternal life, just value it, and value her presence and yourself in the memory

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