A Timeline of Notable Women in the History of Education

By admin

August 14, 2018

Women have always played an important role in various areas, including education, but the role they have played has not always been fully appreciated. This is not surprising, considering the marginalization of the history of women’s education, but if one is willing to devote the time necessary to learn about the role women have played over the centuries in education, there are scores of notable women deserving praise and study. We have written a small timeline dedicating to honouring these pioneering women.


Timeline of the Great Women in Education


Prudence Crandall


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Anne Sullivan and Hellen Keller


As you can see, women have made many great contributions to education and to the betterment of humankind. That is why the importance of women in education should never be overlooked. The next time you greet your old teacher, remember those great educators who came before her (or him), and give your teacher a hug and a thank you!