Aayush Sharma Broke Silence On Entire Family’s Reaction For Not Getting An Invitation To VicKat’s Wedding!

Salman Khan is not only an actor but a living legend for his fans in Bollywood. He is always praised and his films perform extremely well, despite the setbacks.

While we haven’t still gotten over the big fat wedding of Vicky and. Katrina, some news of interest has surfaced again. Reports are that Salman’s Brother-in-law, Aayush Sharma has given out statements about VicKats wedding. Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif tied a knot on December 9, 2021. Everyone out there remembers the whole blunder regarding Salman not getting an invitation to the ceremony. As we all know Salman and Katrina share a warm bond and are pretty close. They are even rumoured of dated for a long span of 5 years.

In his interaction with media, Aayush said, “For us, Katrina is a very dear friend and all of us wish her all the best. It’s the way she wants to decide her marriage and there is no big deal about it. I think everyone makes a very big deal. It’s her and Vicky’s big day and they need to have a good time, in whatever capacity, that’s about it.”

In addition to this, he also said, “Katrina is always going to be close to us as a family and we are just happy that she is happy. When people find happiness, that is the most beautiful thing we can wish for our family, friends, colleagues, that everybody finds their center of happiness.” Very clearly Aayush specified that they’re all happy in Katrina’s happiness.

Aayush Sharma is married to Salman’s sister, Arpita Khan. As of some recent news, pictures of the newlywed Vicky and Katrina celebrating Lohri are going viral on social media.

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