Aayush Sharma Reveals He Was Called ‘Arpita’s Dog’ After Loveyatri- Read On!

Aayush Sharma is currently enjoying the praises coming his way for his latest release Antim: The Final Truth. The actor, being a family to superstar Salman Khan has taken a lot of criticism in the name of nepotism. Recently, Aayush opened up on the disheartening remarks he got from a leading publication after his first release Loveyatri.

Aayush said that he is open to criticism for his work, he does not understand the need to drag his family in it. “Sometimes, it becomes personal. Like, involving my family and my wife into criticising my work, that is something I don’t really understand. If you are not happy with something I have done, how is my wife supposed to be involved in that? I have presented myself as an actor. I am completely okay with criticism on me,” stated Aayush.

Recalling how after the release of his debut film Loveyatri in 2018, he was called Arpita’s ‘dog’ by a leading news publication, Aayush said, “I still remember when my first film released, a very major newspaper said, ‘Next time if Arpita wants to launch a dog, Salman should launch a dog.’ I was like, ‘That’s fine, I completely understand. The film is out there, everyone has the full right to give their opinions about the film.’ But to involve my wife in this criticism, I didn’t really understand. Arpita had nothing to do with the launch. The person who produced the film is Salman Bhai, the person who is involved in my training is Salman Bhai, the person who really gave me the platform is Salman Bhai.”

Aayush further added that just because they are related, people assume that Salman went out of his way to launch him, forgetting that many other actors got their break through Salman Khan Films.

Aayush’s latest flick Antim: The Final Truth has shut many critics. He has proved his acting mettle through his second film outing. The film is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar and marks Aayush’s first on-screen collaboration with brother-in-law Salman Khan. It earned Rs. 29.35 crore in its first week.

Aayush is happily married to Salman’s younger sister, Arpita Khan. The duo has two children – Ahil and Ayat – together.