Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik Disappeared From The House; Housemates Are Worried!

In the 16th season of Bigg Boss, Abdu Rozik has become the cutest contestant. Abdu’s actions and his words are being liked by the fans. But now a shocking thing has happened inside the house. The beloved of the fans and the dearest of the family members, Abdu Rozik, has disappeared from the house.

No! You don’t get afraid. Abdu Rozik has not been kidnapped, nor has anything else been done with him from the “Bigg Boss” house. Rather, it has happened because of a task given by Salman Khan. It’s to be noted that, in yesterday’s episode of “Bigg Boss 16,” the host of the show, Salman Khan, gave a task to the contestant Sajid Khan. Salman Khan told Sajid Khan that he have to hide Abdu Rozik from the housemates and tell them all that he has lost. After doing this, he will have to act in front of everyone that he has no idea of where Abdu is.

In such a situation, Sajid makes Abdu sit in the activity area and tells him not to make any noise. He will ask them to come out after 45 minutes. Coming out of the activity area, Sajid starts calling Abdu. After this, all the households come to him one by one. Sajid tells them that Abdu has not been seen for a long time. Everyone starts looking for them all over the house. Tina jokingly tells Sajid that Abdu has run away from the house by making a tunnel.

However, everyone gets upset gradually. From the bedroom to the kitchen cupboard, the family members look for Abdu. On the other hand, Abdu is laughing while sitting in the activity area. The troubled family members tell “Bigg Boss” that Abdu is lost; you do something. Let us tell you that, since the beginning of “Bigg Boss 16,” Abdu Rozik has received the most love, both from the show’s housemates and from the audience. He is also very much liked by the host of this show, Salman Khan. Abdu Rozik is the youngest member of the household, and he is just 19 years old. Abdu Rozik is a famous singer from Tajikistan.

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