Rosesh Sarabhai quits acting, moves back to Bihar! The reason is beyond your imagination!

Actor Rajesh Kumar, best known for his role as Rosesh Sarabhai in popular television Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai has bid bye to his acting career. The much-loved actor is inspired to do ‘spiritual farming’ and hence, has quit luxurious city life as well.

The 43-year-old actor is moving to Barma, a small village in Bihar. He wants to develop that village into a ‘smart village’. In an interview to a leading daily, he revealed how he got inspired to get into spiritual farming. He said, “I was sitting under a mango tree, somewhere around here, and that was when it struck me, almost like Buddha’s story.”

The actor has chosen to follow ‘zero-budget spiritual farming’, a philosophy that refuses the use of any sorts of chemical for organic farming. Rajesh also helped the village get electricity with his persistent efforts. He made calls to the electricity department, made sure to follow up with them and villagers finally received electricity last month.

Rajesh, who hails from Barma, has left behind his family for this new phase. His 2 sons and wife often visit him to the village. “My sons, Ahaan (9) and Vyaan (6), planted mango seeds when they visited me last October. Now, they demand photos to track the growth of the saplings,” he shared.

Rajesh’s day now begins with milking his cows and inspection of the fields. He says, “he misses nothing about Mumbai.”

How it all began?
The actor’s previous schedule required him to travel from his home in Goregaon to studios in Naigaon. “One day, I just felt that instead of going to Naigaon, I’ll go to my gaon,” he said. It is his father who kept urging him to do something about their neglected 10-acre farmland for years.

The actor is now fully indulged in organic farming and is also educating the farmers of his village. “The farmers in my village may not be very educated, but they can tell you the moisture content which will determine the harvest without the help of any device,” he said.

Sudden shift in profession?

The actor also clarified that he didn’t quit acting because he wasn’t getting any work. He said, “When an actor takes up another profession, many assume it’s because he isn’t getting work. But in my case, the kind of work I was offered in TV wasn’t challenging and some of the characters were just modelled on Rosesh Sarabhai.”

Well, it is inspiring to see how Rajesh is paying back to his roots. Moreover, he is also a true example of how one can whenever change his or her life!


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