This is a sad year and we have seen many of the stars passing away. While most have been really big shots, there are several others who have passed away unnoticed. One such model, singer and actor was Divya Chouksey. She had worked in the movie ‘Hai Apna Dil To Awara’ opposite Sahil Anand. She was battling cancer of the pancreas and has lost the battle. Divya Chouksey’s co-star Sahil Anand is completely devastated after losing her and recalled some memories with the actress while speaking to Spotboye.

Divya Choukset death due to cancer

 Sahil Anand, who is currently seen in Kasauti Zindagi Kay, told the the portal, “I was really close to Divya as she is the only person except for my real sister, with whom I used to share that brother-sister bond. She used to call me Sahil Bhaiya and I used to address her as Divya Didi. Last week only we spoke to each other on a video call. Though she was not able to talk due to her health, we still exchanged a few words. She was suffering from cancer in her pancreas. She got to know about her cancer a year back and immediately started the treatment in fact after that she recovered from it fully. When she came back to Mumbai after her recovery she called me and shared this good news. In fact, she took to her Instagram also to share that she is a cancer survivor. In that, she mentioned her experience of dealing with it and motivating others who are growing through it.”

Divya Chouksey and Sahil Anand

Sahil added, “Last year when she came back after battling cancer, we had celebrated her birthday on a grand scale and we partied hard. But after a few weeks of that, she again called me and said ‘Bhaiya mera relapse hogaya’. And we all were shattered but even at that time, she was very positive. And never gave up. Like yesterday only for the first time on her Instagram story she wrote, “I want to speak with you all. Thanks for your messages I am on my death bed. Just pray for my easy passing because I am struggling from the last three months now”.”

Sharing about the last conversation they had, Sahil says, “On the video call she told me that Bhaiya ab nahi ho paa raha mujhse. I can’t eat anything. I am being fed liquid through a pipe. She was unable to talk properly and I was feeling more hurt as she was a very talkative person. If you had any conversation with her she would not give you a chance to speak. She used to constantly keep talking. Extremely bubbly by nature but completely dedicated to her work. She was a go-getter and used to not depend on luck like many other artists do.”

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