Actress Rubina Dilaik Auctions Her Clothes For A Greater Cause- Find out why !

Actress Rubina Dilaik has always been vocal about her support for marginalized communities. The actress is famous for her role as ‘Shakti’. She plays the role of transgender women in Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii. Apart from her role, the actress has become an activist for the LGBTQ community.

As pride month brings out compassion, the actress is also planning on sharing some love. She plans to hand out memorabilia to fans on a virtual sale which she is hosting. Speaking to a leading daily Actress Rubina shares her plans.

She says,  ” If I can share them with the world in support of an important cause, nothing would make me happier. It’s Pride Month. We need to be louder in support of the LGBTQIA+ community! Since my work acting the role of a transgender person in my show, I have related and connected with the Transgender community closely. The stigma they continue to face is an issue we can resolve in our lifetime. All we need is awareness and compassion. I hope we can use platforms like this to talk about this more and address the conscious and unconscious biases we all may be harboring.”

The actress has in the past also been a part of many LGBTQ community activities. She is often seen taking an active part in fundraisers to raise awareness.

While the actress is said to pass on her special memories, she knows that it speaks ‘louder’ than just canvassing for the community. The proceeds from the virtual sale will go to Color Positive. We sure do hope that the funds can support and inspire others in the community while creating awareness.

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