Advocate Ayaz Khan Showed Faith In Aryan Khan’s Drug Case: Spoke Of Similar Situations In Fardeen Khan’s Case

Advocate Ayaz Khan has become renowned after a major win with the case of Fardeen Khan. Reportedly, the man handled both the cases in a separate and completely different way against the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). Particularly, his fight for Fardeen Khan led to generate bail within three days. Fardeen Khan was said to have been free after a 72-hour jail. Recently, Ayaz spoke about the case of Aryan Khan. Relating the facts between Aryan Khan’s case and his earlier cases. He  illustrates the consequences and other matters which might be favourable for Aryan.

Interviewing with ETimes, Ayaz Khan said, “When I was first briefed about Fardeen Khan’s case, the first thing I did was I took the facts of the entire case. What I realised after meeting and speaking to Fardeen during a legal interview with him was that the prosecution said that he was trying to buy one gram of cocaine and Nasir Shaikh, the peddler, had more quantity. Fardeen had punched in Rs 3500 at a bank ATM to purchase that gram. The money could not be withdrawn as the card got swallowed by the machine.”

He added, “This was the point we had to work with, and Fardeen’s dad Firoz Khan told me especially, ‘We don’t want any false defense’. That’s how we took that defense forward. Although the case had intermediate quantity, Fardeen’s role was that to attempt to consume, that too just one gram and that is a bailable offense. One gram is a small quantity and the punishment in that case during those days was about 6 months or fine of Rs 10,000 or a sentence of one day to six months.”

He closed his sayings with, “There were arguments and Fardeen was in NCB custody for two or three days. We immediately applied for bail and got it soon from NDPS court.”

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