After Ex-Mr. India Winner Manoj Tries Suicide; A Case Has Been Filed Against Actor Sahil Khan.

Mr. India award winner Manoj Patil had tried to commit suicide by consuming poisonous pills on Wednesday night. He was admitted to Cooper Hospital by his family late at night. His condition is stable now.

Manoj Patil

Manoj Patil: In his suicide note he has held Sahil Khan responsible for taking such an extreme st

What exactly is the case?

Manoj Patil hails from Mumbai. He is an international bodybuilder. He is Ex- Mr. India and authored a book ‘Mr. India’. He has attempt suicide on Wednesday. Still, Manoj is recovering and undergoing treatment at the Cooper Hospital in Mumbai. Before taking the extreme step Manoj Patil had written a letter. In the letter, he had stated that step Sahil Khan should be held responsible for his suicide. Manoj’s relatives have commented that Manoj had been harassed by Sahil Khan for almost a year. And It has made Manoj very depressed. For the last few days, Manoj had not been eating food properly. Manoj was under severe mental stress.

“For the last few days, Sahil Khan has been targeting me and my nutrition shop for no reason and I am suffering from mental distress. Sahil Khan is plotting to take advantage of the argument between me and my wife and get her involved in a false crime. Therefore, my visa to go to the US is likely to be revoked,” said Manoj.

Though Sahil Khan has denied all the allegations police are investigating the matter further. Sahil Khan has commented on this issue. Sahil has said that all the allegations against him are not true. He said that he only shared videos to help a young person. Manoj had some issues with the young man. Sahil Khan has said that he just tried to get justice for the young man and nothing else. At the same time, this is interesting to note that the case is taking a political colour.

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