After Facebook, Instagram And Whatsapp Were Shut Down; See How Bollywood Stars Reacted.

On Monday night, there was a stir in the whole world when social networking sites Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram stopped working on everyone’s phone. Although the services started again after waiting for 6 hours, from common to special, everyone gave their feedback through other social media platforms when Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram did not work for so long.

These include film stars as well. Many Bollywood stars gave their reaction through Twitter on the closure of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for 6 hours. Along with this, many stars have also shared memes. Actor Kartik Aaryan, reacting to director Mukesh Chhabra’s tweet, wrote, ‘Sir WhatsApp fix please.’

While actress Shruti Haasan wrote on her official Twitter account, ”I can hear on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram is down? Peaceful.’ While reacting to a tweet on Twitter, Aftab Shivdasani wrote, ‘Hello I am checking you.’ At the same time, actress Sonal Chauhan has shared many memes related to Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram on her official Twitter account.

Apart from this, many other film stars have given their reaction to the closure of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. It is worth noting that at around 9.15 pm on Monday, Facebook and its subsidiary social networking sites WhatsApp and Instagram had stopped working globally. However, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram have started working again at around four o’clock on Tuesday morning. But speed brake continues.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has written an apology to users from his Facebook post. He said that we apologize to the users for such obstruction. According to Zuckerberg, I know how users are associated with our service. we care about you.

Through a Twitter post on behalf of WhatsApp, it was said that users who are having trouble using WhatsApp. We apologize to them. The WhatsApp Service is being started slowly from our side again. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. WhatsApp said that we will keep updating you about WhatsApp from time to time.

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