The debate on the discrimination faced by stars in the industry is long stretched. A few months back, Hina Khan had stated that she felt discriminated at the hands of the stars and now it is Rashami Desai who has stated the same thing. Both of them are the top actresses in Bollywood and have now come out to speak on the topic of discrimination faced by TV actresses.

Rashami Desai and Hina Khan

In a recent interview with Spotboye, Rashami Desai was asked if she has ever come across a situation where people have told her they cannot take her because she is a popular face on TV. To which Rashami replied, “Yes we are told ‘TV me bahot dikh gaye ho, aapka exposure bohot ho gaya hai. Accha, TV actress hai, hum unko designer kapde nahi denge, ya shayad inko placement is hisaab se honi chahiye.’ (Oh, she’s a TV actress, we won’t give her designer clothes, her placement should be a certain way). So there’s a big struggle for television actors who have achieved something because coming from nowhere and becoming something and trying to achieve your dreams is definitely not easy.”

Earlier, In an interview with Pinkvilla, Hina Khan had also opened up about how TV actors are being discriminated by Indian designers. “I think one thing that I took away from it is that Television has it all but we are given fewer opportunities.  And if we walk, we are criticized. We have equal, maybe sometimes more, sometimes less, amount of confidence,” said Hina.

Hina further added, “And In India, it is different. I don’t want to name the designer, though now it is different like I am doing films and I have appearances, still there is a difference. People, all these big designers in India still look down upon TV. ‘What, kisko dena hai? Oh, we don’t do TV!’ They won’t give it to you. Trust me, that divide is there.”

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