There have been so many people who have been trying the knot during this lockdown and now a new name has been added to the list. It is none other than the cricketer Hardik Pandya. Yes, you read it right, Hardik Pandya and Natasha Stankovic tied the knot after announcing the good news of expecting their first child together. The couple took to their social media handles and shares both the good news with their fans.

In a series of pictures shared by Hardik on his social media, the first picture shows the couple together, as Hardik caresses her baby bump. While the other picture is from their wedding in which the couple can be seen in traditional dresses. Hardik captioned the pictures, “Natasa and I have had a great journey together and it is just about to get better Together we are excited to welcome a new life into our lives very soon. We’re thrilled for this new phase of our life and seek your blessings and wishes.”

And now, the cricketer has spoken up about the controversy. Speaking to Harsha Bhogle, Hardik stated, “When that happened, I said to myself let’s just accept it and try to correct the mistake. If I would’ve not accepted that mistake, that part would have still been in me. That phase does not bother me anymore because my family has accepted it. I’m a family guy. Without family, I am no one. My family is my backbone. The Hardik Pandya you’re seeing right now is because of the people behind the scenes, looking after me. They make sure that I am mentally stable and I stay happy,”

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Koffee with the boys in blue!!!! @hardikpandya93 and @rahulkl !! Such a fun episode!!!!☕️☕️☕️

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Speaking of his family being humiliated, Hardik opened up and added, “My family got abused. My father gave an interview post the incident and people made a mockery of it. What hurt me the most was my action caused my family problems, and that’s not acceptable.”

Well, we all know what happened in Koffee with Karan. For the ones who are unaware, in a scene that highlighted Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, Pandya’s sexist remarks seethed over the show. He straightforwardly discussed ladies in a very dishonorable manner and furthermore advised others how he has admitted to his folks about losing his virginity. His words were, “Aaj mein karke aaya”. These words prodded up an enormous furore which saw BCCI suspending both these stars for a long while and cautioned them immovably that this sort of conduct won’t go on without serious consequences at any expense.