After Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif Wants To Date. Deets Inside.

After breaking up with long-time boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor Katrina has been single for quite a long time now. While Ranbir is reportedly dating Alia Bhatt Katrina is still single.In an interview with Famously Filmfare when the actress was asked what does she expect from 2019. She had stated, “A Filmfare award, a boyfriend, I don’t want to be single now and I want to have my own production company.” Check it out:

Katrina also answered the most-awaited question as she revealed as to why she is still single. The actress was quoted as saying, “Yesterday, my friend said this to me. She was actually discussing somebody, someone’s particular name and she was like, you know, what’s wrong with you, so on and I gave this very long answer and she is like, that’s your problem, you don’t know what it is to date, somebody. You don’t understand. You only have these heavy, intense relationships. You know all or nothing. This is all in-kind of…what do you call it, yeah! A relationship. You’ve never dated anyone. Like, dates are just easy, nice, casual thing. And I stopped for a minute and I realized that actually, she is 100 per cent true. That’s 100 per cent right. I really don’t know. I don’t honestly know that I ever feel to do that.”

She further added that she had never dated someone but has always been in intense relationships. She said, “You think that this is my happiness and this where I feel the most happiness and this is where I feel the most love and acceptance. And you just go deeper and deeper into that zone, not realizing that you are taking so much out of it. And nobody can sustain that.”

She further gave some dating tips to those who are in a relationship. She said, “The most important things, I think, I believe now is that you have to maintain your sense of individuality and you have to still have your sense of who you are. Apart from your partner and that’s, I mean, that’s for me that’s what I believe now.”

Katrina in a throwback interview shared how she felt post-breakup with Ranbir Kapoor. She was quoted as saying, “What human nature does is that when we have something, or someone, to focus on, we can also shift a lot of our attention there, so we are not really forced to look at ourselves in any great perspective. We’re able to kind of shift a lot of responsibility—on decisions, for happiness, for entertainment and motivation.”

In another interview with a leading media portal, Katrina revealed that it was difficult for her to move on post-breakup with Ranbir Kapoor. She had stated, “It was on my mind but it didn’t work out and you have to keep following the path set for you in life. I don’t stress about it now. I fought that battle and am at peace with the fact that some things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped for. Now, I’ve left it to the universe and to God because I’m sure there’s a bigger hand that shapes our destiny. What’s happened to me so far has been unusual and fascinating, and I can’t take credit for all of it. So, whoever is responsible, will look out for me in the future too.”

She had further added “I know love will come to me at the right time when I least expect it. I could drop a book at the airport and as I bend down to pick it up someone else goes down on his hunches too, to help me. I would look up, our eyes would lock and in that instant… love would happen!

We hope Katrina’s wish gets fulfilled this year and we hope she finds her prince charming.


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