After Sonu Nigam Attack Episode, Check Out How Mika Singh And Shaan Reacted

The scuffle over a selfie led to an attack on the renowned singer Sonu Nigam. All lines were crossed during the concert in Chembur, Mumbai. Mika Singh and Shaan have publicly expressed their disappointment on the incident.

Shaan took Instagram by storm, posting an official statement from the Indian Singer’s Rights Association. The caption said, “I’m appalled and disgusted at what has happened…and in Mumbai?? A city that is known for its law and order and safety.” Further, he demands that “I expect some action to be taken by the Authorities…..”

Mika Singh’s Twitter Post

Similarly, the Punjabi singer Mika Singh tweeted a picture with Sonu Nigam on his verified handle. The caption said, “I always have min 10 bodyguards with me, but in Mumbai, I don’t have bodyguards with me…..”

Mika Singh’s Twitter post revealing that he never needed bodyguards in Mumbai

His post expressed the love and safety that Mumbai offers him and that this incident has shaken him to the core.

For people who’re living under a rock, Swapnil Phaterpekar, an MLA’s son, forcefully tried to get a selfie with Sonu Nigam. A video surfed the Internet where Nigam’s team member, Rabbani, can be seen falling down the stairs after a push.

Following the incident, Mumbai police has made sure that an official complaint has been lodged against the accused.