Ahem Ahem! Karan Johar just made this comment on Kangana Ranaut’s acting skills!

Kangana Rananut and Karan Johar, just the mention of their names takes us back to the nasty fight they both duo had after Kangana had called the latter a ‘flag-bearer of nepotism’. Followed by controversial remarks, open letters and calling out each other, this spat went on to become one of the biggest Bollywood controversies ever and made them enemies for life and beyond! That’s what we had thought!

But wait, this is Bollywood and it is as unpredictable as its films! So yeah, India’s most fine actress, Kangana Ranaut and one of the most popular filmmakers, Karan Johar recently dropped our jaws when they shared the same stage and hugged each other like nothing had ever happened.

We are talking about the India’s Next Superstars, a talent hunt show being judged by filmmakers Rohit Shetty and Karan Johar. The show demotes nepotism and runs with the tagline, ‘Na khaandaan, na sifarish.’ The show’s first episode had global sensation Priyanka Chopra, who hails from a non-filmy background, as a guest.

But the next episode had none other than Kangana Ranaut as the special judge. And this brought the enemies Kangana and Karan together on the same stage. The ex-enemies were surprisingly quite chilled out during the shoot. Moreover, Kangana even cracked a mean joke that Karan serves poison to his guests. But Karan remained unperturbed.

Anyway, so recently, Karan even had the best things to say about her. He praised Kangana and acting prowess a lot. He said, “Kangana is a fabulous actor as she gets into the character while shooting. If she is Tanu she becomes the actual Tanu. If she shoots for Queen she behaves like a queen.”

Isn’t that too sweet and surprising?

Well, just like Bollywood films, this fight too had its ‘Happy Ending.”


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