AI Creates Priyanka Chopra And Malti Marie As Gorgeous Queen And Princess: Checkout!

The daughter of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Malty Marie Chopra Jonas continues to win the hearts of fans, and this time her image of an AI princess cannot be missed. On Thursday, the fan club shared an updated photo of Priyanka and Malti dressed as queens and princesses. This made a lasting impression on the fans.

AI generated Priyanka And Malti As Queen and princess

In the photo, Priyanka wears a golden crown on her head with an infectious smile. He is holding a Malty with golden curls and a white princess dress. The original photo is Malti’s first public appearance as Priyanka and Nick Jonas finally showed their little face.In response to the AI-generated avatar, one fan wrote in a comment, “So creative, I love it.” Added another “nice combination of mother and daughter”. A fan from India also commented, “Priyanka ki pari (Priyanka’s princess/fairy)”.

Priyanka reveals Malti’s Face Recently

After hiding Malti’s face for over a year, Priyanka finally showed the beautiful face of her little girl, Malty Marie. The actor introduced Malti to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where Nick Jonas and his brothers Joe and Kevin received honorary stars. Fans who saw him for the first time reacted that the little Maltese looked a lot like Nick.

Nick Jonas speech for Malti attracts audience


At the event, Nick gave a special speech that captivated everyone. Dedicated to his family, he said: “To my beautiful wife, you are a comfort in madness, a rock in a storm. I am happy to marry you. This is the greatest gift. And I’m happy. Parents to you, so Malti Marie: “Hey baby.” I want to come back here with you in 15 years and embarrass you in front of your friends.”


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