“Aishwarya Rai’s Beauty Will Fade In Bollywood & I Shouldn’t Woo Her” Sanjay Dutt’s Exclusive Talk With His Sister

sanjay dutt and aishwarya

Aishwarya Rai, the epitome of beauty, is known for winning hearts with a single look. She won the Miss World pageant in 1993 and has been garnering accolades with her work and exceptional Beauty. She has been wooed by many stars before she tied the knot and settled down with Abhishek Bachchan. And Sanjay Dutt is one of them.

Sanjay Dutt and Aishwarya Rai

In 1993, Sanjay Dutt and Aishwarya Rai teamed up for a magazine cover and during an interview with the same magazine, Sanjay Dutt had said that the beautiful and innocent side of Aishwarya will disappear when she enters Bollywood. In the same interview, Sanjay Dutt had stated that there’s so much pressure in the industry and it’s difficult to retain your beauty when so many are people are trying to pull you down.

“When you come into this glamour industry, it starts changing you, maturing you – that innocence is lost. That beautiful side which she (Aishwarya) has right now on her face will disappear. Because she has to handle the film world right and that is not easy to do,” the magazine quoted Sanjay Dutt.

Aishwarya Rai and Sanjay Dutt movie

He further went on to add, “It’s not just the piling on, its cut-throat, it’s competitive. It’s like ‘Man I have to look better than that, I’ve gotta be there.’ You know you climb two steps and there will be like 500 people pulling you down five steps. And you become hard. And those beautiful qualities are gone.”

Sanjay Dutt also mentioned that his sister liked Aishwarya Rai a lot, however, she warned him to not woo the beauty and get her phone number when they met. “My sisters warned me before I came for this session. They told me ‘Don’t you woo her. Don’t take her number. Don’t send her flowers,” he said.

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