Akanksha Puri Finally Reacts To Paras Chhabra’s Allegations Of Her Not Having Any Identify, ‘I Got Him The Show… “

Akanksha Puri and Paras Chhabra had a bad and ugly break-up while the latter was inside the Bigg Boss house. While his girlfriend always supported him, he claimed that he wanted to end things with her but she was too clingy. Now, the two have parted ways yet they’ve not made any official statement on their breakup. However, quite often, you can see both being questioned about the other. Recently, Paras made a statement that Akansha Puri was insecure which fumed her and she has retaliated quickly.

Talking to India Forums, during an interview, Akanksha Puri shared that Paras Chhabra is used to feeling insecure when people used to call him her boyfriend. She said, “I don’t have an identity…he is used to feeling insecure when people used to call him my boyfriend.” Akanksha then mentioned an incident as Paras claimed that she does not have an identity. She shared that as there was news that came up in a leading newspaper when he entered her show for a track of three months and revealed that he was very upset with the article. Akanksha disclosed that Paras had a huge argument with the editor due to the headline.

Akanksha also went on to mention how her production team was not happy with his behavior, as he reported late and never learned his lines, and used to talk about not shooting much. Puri revealed that Paras even has issues with dubbing and hence the production had to get a dubbing artist for him. She added, “They were not at all happy with me for getting him on board, and I had several discussions with the production because of him. They even stopped his last cheque because of all this.”

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