Akshara Singh Seen Engrossed In Devotion Of Lord Shiva, Shares Adorable Video: Checkout

Nobody can deny TV and Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh’s skill in Bhojpuri movies. Whether it’s dance or acting, she’s always given her best effort. Now, Akshara Singh has the opportunity to express her feelings for Mahadev through her recent song.

Akshara Singh Immersed in Shiv Bhakti.

Akshara Singh actress and performer, is in good spirits in Sawan. She is releasing Sawan songs one after the other, to the sounds of which her followers undoubtedly dance. In her recent song, Akshara Singh is shown absorbed in Lord Shiva worship in the song’s music video. Akshara is donned in a beautiful pink lehenga with heavy jewelry. She really looks stunning in this outfit.

Akshara Singh’s new song For Lord Shiva

Let us tell you that Akshara’s song ‘Hamar Jaan Mahadev’ was written by Manoj Matlabi. Manoj has already penned several songs for Akshara. This lovely tune has also sprung from his quiver. Where Akshara’s jugalbandi has improved the music.

Talking about it she said, “Sawan gets me excited every year. I love worshiping Bhole Baba, and performing songs for him. Songs of adoration pour forth from the depths of his heart. That is why I believe Baba Bholenath devotees may relate to my songs and appreciate them.

Akshara Singh’s upcoming film projects

Talking about her film front, Akshara Singh has several films in the works, including ‘Darling’ and ‘Jaanu, I Love You,’ both starring Vikrant Singh. Ratnakar Kumar is the producer and Anurag Mishra is the director. The release date has yet to be announced by the creators.