Akshay Kumar Breaks His Silence On Aarav Getting Trolled On Social Media

Its Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn or any other common man, no one would like that his kids get judged and slammed for everything they do. No one likes to be continuously in frame as they step out. It is not really fair for the teenager that they start getting papped as soon as they step out of their houses. They have no privacy and also people judge and troll them for no reason.

Sometimes people just not think and start trolling the star kids mercilessly. Like, remember how brutally Aarav was trolled on social media in May 2019 for his hairstyle? He was compared to that of Radhe Mohan (Salman Khan) from Tere Naam. Finally, Akshay Kumar talked about his children and pap culture in-depth in a recent interview with the Hindustan Times.

Akshay was asked what he thinks of the pap culture and social media platform, as people misuse them, the Rustom actor said,“I think anyone that tries to exploit kids without permission for their own gain might need to take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves ‘would they want anyone to do this to their own children’? As for those that troll toddlers and teens, I have no words for that kind of behaviour.”

Akshay further added, “Trash talking anyone under 21 publicly should be illegal. It’s sad that such a great and powerful technology such as social media is tainted by people wanting to hurt, mock, humiliate or just insist on throwing opinions with no fear of the damage such hate can cause the youth. All we can do as parents is, we can teach our kids to be thick-skinned and pity those that have the time to hurt others. Star kids have enough pressure in life; the world doesn’t need to increase it by trolling innocent children.”

Further, Akshay expressed his disappointment and concluded by saying, “It breaks my heart to hear my six-year-old daughter says she doesn’t want to come out to dinner with her family because the paparazzi will be there and she doesn’t like the flashing lights. Or Aarav not wanting to come for a movie because he just finished training and he doesn’t want to have to deal with people saying he looks tired or sweaty on Instagram and I really don’t blame them. Us as stars may have signed up for this but until our kids decide to be in any form of limelight after college years, then I don’t think they should be publicly followed or scrutinised, out of safety for them physically and mentally. Again, that’s my opinion and like I teach my kids, it’s your choice whether or not you choose to be offended by what others say.”