Akshay Kumar’s Road Safety Ad Land In Controversy, Netizens Callt Dowry Promotion!

Akshay Kumar’s new road safety ad is at the center of controversy over dowry allegations. During the Bidaay ceremony, a one-minute clip is played. The crying bride gets into the car and the crying father tells her to leave. The cop, played by Akshay Kumar, then approaches the bride’s emotional father and tells him to put him and the groom in a car with six airbags instead of the current car with only two airbags.

The father agreed, and the next scene visually shows the couple getting out of a car equipped with two airbags and then driving away in a car with six airbags, both smiling.

Akshay Kumar’s ads have generated controversy.

Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi and Saket Gokhale of the Trinamool Congress are among the opponents. let us remind you Tata former chairperson cyrus mistry passed way in a car accident earlier this month as he was travelling sitting in the back seat of the car. Roads and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted this ad video calling for travel in vehicles equipped with six airbags.

This advertisement appeared a month after the release of Akshay Kumar’s film Rakshabandhan. According to neitizens, this ad is focused on dowry culture.

Now, After This Ad went viral, people started calling the ad dowry-focused. One user wrote, “The ad is so Rude. It is disgusting to see Akshay Kumar show up in a wedding car with only two airbags. A clear reference to the Cyrus Mistry incident. The airbag issue could have been handled more delicately.”While Another wrote, “Don’t be blind Mantri ji, In India even today girls are being tortured for Dowry. This is so Rubbish.”

Let us tell you, this is not the first time Akshay Kumar faced backlashes from the audience for his ad. Before this also The actor faced huge trolling for his paan masala Ad. But it is also True that Akshay always makes such Ads that can make people aware. On the working front, Akshay Kumar’s wen series Cuttputli was released on the OTT platform and have many upcoming projects.