Akshaye Khanna: ‘Quality Over Quantity’ In Roles, Embraces Low-Key Lifestyle

Happy birthday Akshaye Khanna. Akshaye Khanna is famous for both his unique style as an artist and the fact that he doesn’t get caught up in the glitz and glitter of life. On March 28, the actor, who turned 49, talked about why he works on fewer projects than his coworkers. He also spoke about the news that he was moving to Alibaug in Mumbai.

Talking about working in quality-driven films, Akshaye KhannaAkshaye Khanna: Quality Over Fame - Actor Picks Roles, Not Spotlight

Akshaye has taken breaks from playing before. He is one of those artists who keeps things low-key so that not even the most sleuthy reporters can find him. He doesn’t believe in public relations and stays out of the spotlight in both his personal and business life.

However, when he came back with the late Sridevi in the intense drama Mom, people asked him what he had been doing the whole time. In an interview with The Indian Express, the actor said, “I decided that after taking a four-year break, I wanted to start with a few smaller roles to get into that zone.” But I was sure I wouldn’t do it by skimping on the work. The part might be small, but it should be important to the story.Akshaye Khanna: Quality Over Fame - Actor Picks Roles, Not Spotlight

Earlier this year, Akshaye told Hindustan Times, “I don’t see it as a comeback.” He keeps making “comebacks” every few years. Everyone uses it, so it’s fine. That’s likely because you shouldn’t take breaks that long these days.

He had said, “It’s not hard to live a low-key life.” For everyone, whether they work in movies or something else, it depends on how private you want to be. You might not be popular, but a lot of people might follow you on social media. You control how much you post. Some people share everything about their lives on the web. People like that include leaders and artists. Although some people don’t want to do that.

Where does he go from here?Akshaye Khanna: Quality Over Fame - Actor Picks Roles, Not Spotlight

The next show that Akshaye will be in is Vijay Gutte’s Legacy, which also stars Raveena Tandon. He worked with the director before on the movie The Accidental Prime Minister, which starred Anupam Kher. In addition, the star will be in the American science fiction show Murderbot.

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