Alia Bhatt Clarifies Why She Looked Sad In The Viral Pic With Ranbir Kapoor

Being a celebrity, and that too in India, you are not just worshipped by your fans but your every movement is tracked by the paps. You need to lock your emotions and throw the key in the ocean to ensure you are always caught smiling and waving at your fans. But often, there comes a time when stars tend to get so over flowed with emotions that they become too obvious on their face. And when captured with such emotional face, the pics go viral.

Alia Bhatt was faced with a similar situation recently. A picture of Alia Bhatt with her beau Ranbir Kapoor had been going viral for quite some time. She looked quite sad in the pic and everyone tried consoling her telling that she shouldn’t have dated a person like Ranbir Kapoor. She looked pretty morose in the pic while Ranbir kept using her phone. While everyone kept mum about the reason behind this sad pic of Alia, now the Gully Boy actress has finally spoken up about it. She said,

“Anybody who looks at my face tells me, “Alia, why are you looking so sad? Please cheer up”. I tend to zone out a lot. But only a few people will know that this is my usual face, when I’m focused or thinking about something. So, I just can’t believe that my frown has become a sensation and a new story is being cooked up everyday about how I’m sad. It’s not true.”

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