Alia Bhatt Dated These Bollywood Actors Before Dating Ranbir Kapoor

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are quite popular nowadays. The lovebirds haven’t confirmed anything yet but their pictures and family members say a lot. Also, its possible that we get to hear wedding bells soon. Alia is among the top Bollywood actresses in the world and every film she come along has something or the other to say about the actress. She is talented and skilled apart from being bold and beautiful. She is praised for her acting. She had many men in her life apart from few boys when she was young and teen. At this juncture it would be interesting to know about her old-time relationship and the men she had in her life as under:

1). Ranbir Kapoor –

As we all know that right now the actress is dating Ranbir Kapoor. They have been spotted spending time not only with each other but also with each other’s family. Also, it is possible that they get married this year in June end. They made their first public appearance at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding with hand in hand allowing everyone to guess about the two.

2). Siddharth Malhotra-

Ex-lovers Alia and Siddharth were together for a long time. The two denied but had remained in relationship till she had a break up for Ranbir being the reason of their separation. Ever since she did her debut movie with him called Student of the Year, she has been in relationship with the actor.

3). Kavin Mittal –

Kavin Mittal is the son of well-known entrepreneur Sunil Mittal. The two met at one of the business seminar and since then had good terms and many say that they dated for a while before she gave up this relations as well.

4). Varun Dhawan –

Varun and Alia had been in alleged relationship. They worked together in their debut film, “Students of the Year”. But soon she parted off and nothing really came out of their relationship.

5). Ali Dadarkar –

He may not be known to many but let me tell you that the two have been in a relationship since she was in eight standard. They were classmates but now when she is a star their relations have gone to a toss.


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