Alia Bhatt Wrote A Heartfelt Note Appreciating Ranveer Singh And Kabir Khan After Watching The Film 83!

Alia Bhatt lauded the performance of Ranveer Singh in his recent film, 83. Alia wrote a heartfelt note, congratulating Kabir Khan and Ranveer Singh on the film. The film is based on India’s 1983 World Cup win.

Alia shared the poster of the movie on her Instagram story and wrote, “Phew! 83! Kabir Sir: I have so much to say and still have no words. It’s not a movie that can be boxed into a post along with a few adjectives! It’s an experience—a part of history that’s nothing short of magic! There were so many moments when I wanted to clap, scream, cry and dance at the same time! Pride, joy, unity, friendship, inspiration, I mean, the list can go on. You walk out a different person after watching this beautiful, beautiful film! Thank you for this film! “

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The Two States actor wrote one more heartfelt note showcasing her appreciation for Ranveer’s performance in the movie. She wrote, “Tuts! Kaps! What to say? I mean, What are you? Some sort of genius mixture wrapped up with some loaded feelings peppered with magic every few seconds! I’ve said this to you before – your eyes changed! You don’t act; you live the character! Can’t do, can’t do-you’re too good. Please go to sleep for a year so we can all catch up with your brilliance! from actor to actor Thank you for it! To the entire team, Producers, technicians, actors, coaches! Congratulations!!!!! You’ll have created and contributed to what will be a milestone in Hindi cinema! ..”

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Ranveer Singh was also lauded in a post by Karan Johar. He wrote, “It’s not easy to tell a true story… a true account of a watershed moment in Indian sport history! There is no room for cinematic licenses and distortions of facts for dramatic impact… which is why # 83thefilm is such a monumental accomplishment…It sucks you into that year… That World Cup, that team, that political environment, that insane fandom frenzy…I saw myself rooting for every member of that historic team… Laughing and crying with each one of them… I saw myself rooting for Kabir Khan and his maestro ability at story-telling. Taking an arduous task and perfecting it like a mega methodical master! Salute! “

Alia Bhatt previously collaborated with Ranveer Singh on Gully Boy. Now, she will unite once again with him in Karan Johar’s Rocky and Rani Ki Prem Kahani.

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