It has been discussed several times that sarees are the cultural and traditional identity of the women of the Indian subcontinent. Saree brings pride to us Indians as it represents our history and culture. It is something we can proudly boast of, in addition to the fact that saree is one of the garments the history of which can be dated back to a very long time and even nowadays, around 75% of the Indian women wear and take pride in sarees. It is one of the oldest garments that is still popular and is worn by not only Indian women, but women the world over, although in their own style and influenced by their own cultures. A saree is an evergreen garment. It can be worn anywhere and anytime. Be it a wedding, some official meeting, a party, a mourning or any other occasion, sarees are worn everywhere and are an integral part of every occasion. Even in some parts of India, saree is a routine garment, i.e., sarees are worn by women at home as well.

The versatile saree

This shows how important a saree is as an Indian women-wear garment. Sarees are so versatile that they can be worn in any season. For example, in summers when there is scorching heat outside, everyone loves to wear light clothes which absorb sweat. Hence, cotton sarees come as rescue for women. On the contrary, in winters, everyone likes to wear clothes which keep them warm and protect them from the chilly winds outside. So, for that purpose as well, there are certain sarees that are woven with a very warm fabric like silk that help keep the person wearing it warm. Also, another important thing about sarees is that their color is influenced by the occasion they are being worn in. For instance, during a wedding, a bride and her relatives would like to wear red colored, or any other dark colored sarees. Similarly, in Hinduism, white sarees are worn by women during mourning, like at a funeral. On the contrary, in western countries, white garments resembling sarees are worn during weddings and black colored sarees are worn during mourning occasions.

Sarees is something not defined by religion. Women from all the religions wear sarees, be it Hinduism, Christianity or Islam. It is because saree is an Indian thing, although the designs of sarees vary with the culture of each religion. Muslim women can also be seen wearing sarees, although sometimes it is under the burqa they wear. Kashmiri women do not wear sarees. Now, let us dive deeper into the sarees and their importance.

Designer Saree Trends of 2018

Designer saree trends are dynamic and keep changing. Nowadays, Kalamkari designs are quite famous and can be seen on both the cotton and silk sarees. These contain various patterns like nature scenes, mythological figures, etc.

Kanjeevaram designs are also very popular these days. They are known for bright colors, like lime green, turquoise blue and pink and feature broad and beautiful borders.

Many women can be seen wearing sarees having zari embroidery on them. These sarees look very elegant and attract a lot of eyes and hence justifying the reason why they are very famous these days.

In Indian teens and young girls, half and half sarees have recently become very famous these days. These sarees have designs that smoothly amalgamate on each half of the saree. Apart from this, these sarees feature different colors with beautiful designs and embroideries that look very good and appealing to everyone. You can shop Latest Designer sarees on Stylecaret.

Why are Designer Sarees so Popular?

The elegant and subtle designs and embroideries done on designer sarees and the beautiful colors they are sold in is what sets these sarees apart from other sarees and makes them so popular among all the women. Weddings are one of the most important occasions in women’s life. So, for such a great occasions, there has to be a garment that is rich in beauty and has glowing colors and can be worn at such an occasion. Hence, designer sarees are worn at weddings. This is also one of the reasons why designer sarees are so popular among Indian women and teen girls today.

Banarasi sarees are also quite famous nowadays. The silk used in these sarees is pure and very beautiful embroidery is done on them, and it is due to this reason that these sarees are preferred by women during weddings. These sarees are worn only on special occasions because they are quite expensive due to the nonpareil quality silk used in them and the embroidery done on them.

Latest designs of sarees include chiffon, georgette, lehenga, etc. Others include tissue designs, printed designs, embroidery designs, etc. The patterns done on these sarees are mostly floral patterns, symmetric patterns, nature scenes, etc.

Sarees of India

Sarees vary across India with changing cultures. For example, in Punjab, women wear Punjabi style sarees with heavy embroidery along with Punjabi Juttis. Similarly, in Gujarat, sarees are worn in Gujarati style, and similarly in Marathi style in Maharashtra. In Bengal, women prefer long sarees which are mostly white or red in color. In north India, Bandhej sarees are for their elegant designs and textile. Also, the Kundan wedding wear sarees are the most popular and loved sarees among the women across the whole India. The brides and her relatives, during a wedding love to wear designer sarees with beautiful designs like zari work, mirror work, sequin work, etc. These designs also vary with the occasion they are worn in, the culture and traditions of the women wearing them and also their religion and various other related factors.

Gone are the days when women used to prefer wearing sober and simple sarees at every occasion. Nowadays, they also prefer to wear beautiful sarees with heavy embroidery, and simple silk sarees are worn only at home during regular household chores. Hence, sarees have indeed revolutionized not only India, but the whole world.


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