All That Matters In A Relationship Is Not Age But Love!

As the saying goes, “Age is just a number” true that age is just a number. The age gap should not hold you back from falling in love or to be in a relationship. Age does not matter, what matters is love if you find someone with whom you feel a connection with, who makes you feel secure, who understands you, who makes you feel like home when you’re with them, who loves you with all your flaws.

Some of the Bollywood couples did just that when they found love they went for it not caring about what the society will tell because love is all that matters, spending the life with that special one matters. Than the opinions and comments of the people who does not matter to us

These are the amazing couples who proved that indeed age is just a number:


Malaika and Arjun are of the couples who found love despite the age gap. When people heard about them being in a relationship, they trolled them to no extent but they fought against all odds and people now love them together they did not let trolling affect their relationships. They both got their fairytale love story.


Kudos to the duo as they broke the stereotype. Priyanka is 10 years older than Nick they don’t really care what the society will think about them because in our so called “society” it’s okay if the man is older than woman but if it’s other way around, then our so called “society” won’t be okay about it but they did not really care for what people will tell, they did not care about the trolling. They found love and wanted to spend their entire life with each other.


Katrina kaif and Vicky Koushal

Katrina and Vicky who again broke the stereotype set by our “society.” Katrina who happens to be older than Vicky is all set to get married Vicky this tells us that when there is love nothing else matters they are set to tie the knot on 9th of December.


The duo were very vocal about their love for each other from the beginning of their relationship. Milind is 52 years and Ankita is 26 years old they did not let their age difference hinder their relationship they got married in 2018.

Aren’t these couples amazing and perfect examples for love has no boundaries. When you find the special one don’t let anything hold you back cherish that feeling of being in love, let no society norms hold you back.

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