Amar Singh Chamkila’s First Wife Shares Untold Memories In A Candid Interview

In an interview with a Punjabi channel, Gurmail, the first wife of Amar Singh Chamkila, spoke extensively about her equation with Amarjot.

Before hitting musical highs in the industry, Chamkila was married to a woman called Gurmail. However, when the news of his second marriage broke, he was reprimanded by the Sarpanch of his village. However, the singer promised Gurmail and their son a certain amount of maintenance every month. But Chamkila’s first wife, once in an interview with a Punjabi channel, spoke at length about her equation with the singer, their last meeting, and more. 

Amarjot And Gurmail’s Equation

Talking to Love Punjab, Gurmail mentioned her equation with Amarjot. It was solely because of Chamkila. They were cordial to each other since Chamkila was fair to both his wives. She even admitted that he would bring the same gifts for the two of them.

Talking in Punjabi, the first wife of the late singer revealed, “If someone is a guest at your home, then you have to talk to them. Also, I had to talk to her since my husband was involved. You have to take care of the dynamics. Chamkila used to visit us every one to two days. Usually, he did not bring Amarjot along, but she visited at times.”

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Both Wives Made Meals

Gurmail, in her conversation, revealed how Amarjot and herself tried to co-exist cordially whenever Amar Singh Chamkila and his second wife visited the first wife. She revealed, What was there to stress about? I used to make rotis, and she made the sabzi. When she used to say that she didn’t know how to make sabzi, she would ask if she could make rotis. Honestly, she could not even make rotis. They had a cook at their place to prepare meals, so I used to tell her to relax. I used to do it all by myself.”

The Last Meeting with Her Husband

In the same interview, Gurmail revealed that she met her husband two days before he was shot dead.

She recalled the last meeting and said, “Amarjot and I were in the kitchen, and we watched him get drenched in the rain. I felt his face was different; I thought it had turned black. I looked at his face at different intervals, and his face continued to look black. When I saw his mortal remains, it was the same black face that I was seeing the last time I saw him.”

Amar Singh Chamkila was shot dead in Mehsampur when he was about to perform an akhada with his wife, Amarjot Kaur. His death remains a mystery since the murderers were never identified, and Punjab Police closed the case.