Amber Rose Claims Kanye West Owes Her $20 Million, Says Didn’t Get Credit For His Music Album

Amber Rose, the former girlfriend of Kanye West, has recently made headlines by claiming that she deserves $20 million in compensation for her contributions to Kanye’s album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

In a candid interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Rose asserted that she played a pivotal role in securing Nicki Minaj’s appearance on the track “Monster,” yet she feels she hasn’t received adequate recognition or payment for her efforts.

Kanye West Owes $20 Million?

The controversy stems from Rose’s belief that her involvement in Kanye’s album extended beyond just creative input. She expressed disappointment over not being compensated financially and highlighted instances where her likeness was used without her consent.

“I should’ve got $20 million for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. But I got nothing,” she said.

Rose mentioned that her image was utilized in promotional materials and even as a wax figure, all without receiving any compensation.

“I should’ve gotten money for the wax figure that he used without my consent. Butt naked! But I didn’t get nothing. I didn’t get any money from anything. I should have been compensated in some way for using my likeness, and so many songs, and the wax figure,” she said.

Moreover, Rose addressed a controversial social media post from 2016 where she made remarks about Kanye’s alleged preferences in the bedroom. She clarified that the post was a response to Kanye’s claims of ownership over her and her child with Wiz Khalifa.

Rose found Kanye’s assertions absurd and used the tweet to emphasise the absurdity of his statements, particularly regarding ownership.

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Kanye Denies The Allegation

Despite the heated exchanges in the past, both Kanye and Rose have since moved on. Kanye responded to Rose’s tweet by denying her allegations and affirming his commitment to his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Rose, in her recent interview, indicated that while there were past differences, she and Kanye now maintain a level of respect towards each other.

This revelation by Amber Rose has sparked discussions about the complexities of creative collaborations in the music industry and the importance of fair compensation for contributions, both creatively and commercially.

It also sheds light on the power dynamics and personal dynamics that can come into play in such high-profile relationships.

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