Amid Divorce Rumors, Priyanka Chopra Shows Off Her Unique Mangalsutra In Latest Selfie

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been married for almost four months now but the news of them separating have already hit the headlines. A leading magazine had reported that this cute couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are heading for a divorce and even went on to portray the lady in a bad light. But amid all these rumors of the couple hitting rock bottom, these two love birds have managed to show their PDA to the entire world and their social media account is a testimony to that.

Now, the global sensation, Priyanka Chopra has shared yet another selfie where she can be seen showing off her unique Mangalsutra. She was seen in a yellow V-neck tee and had barely any makeup on. Her airplane style is definitely comfy but her Mangalsutra is definitely something that.has caught everyone’s attention. The girl does know how and when to flaunts her things, be it her Tiffany ring (for which Nick shut down the entire store) or now her unique Mangalsutra.

The pop singer husband Nick had once shared, “Priyanka and I were walking to the dinner and we looked at each other and just had a moment realising it was real. It was really happening. All the hard work leading up to the wedding day itself, we were there and it was really special and it was just our moment.” He had also talked about the whole wedding experience, and had said, “The wedding as a whole was an unbelievable experience and life-changing in a lot of ways.”


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